Farmstead Catering -- Echo Farm and the beautiful red barn
Farmstead Catering -- Adirondack goat kids
Farmstead Catering -- Farm fresh food from Echo Farm
Farmstead Catering -- High Tunnel Wedding Tomatoes

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Echo Farm

Located in Essex, NY, our farm encompasses nearly 150 acres of tillable and forested land that was acquired through conservation partnerships. Nestled between Sprig and Whipple Mountains, Echo Farm originated as a diversified homestead and dairy operation, and has earned its name from the distantly reverberating sounds of life on the farm.

The growing season begins long before the snow is gone. In February and March we sit with a list of the events and menus, flower decoration requirements, and the number of guests. Our planning process ensures that all of the ingredients are grown and raised with impeccable timing and attention so that the flavor of your meal's ingredients are peaking as your special day approaches.

The variety of produce and animals raised here vary from year to year based on our client's preferences and their selected menus. Regardless of the diversity of crops, our practices remain consistent with the philosophies and values of organic and sustainable small-scale farming.  The animals are fed a custom organic multigrain mix and have consistent access to pasture three seasons of the year. Many of our livestock come from heritage breeds. We never use chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or antibiotics in producing any of the food. Because we plan our harvests with optimum flavor in mind, we select heirloom varieties for menus that accentuate their unmatched flavors and colorful presentation. Our catering service is a culinary invitation to not only join us around the farm table, but also to explore the magic of Echo Farm.

Farmstead Catering -- Sleepy pigs and delicious pork