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Adirondack Catering

Welcome to Farmstead Catering — your only destination for direct, farm-to-table catering in and around the Adirondacks and Champlain Valley.

At Farmstead Catering, we operate as a synergy between farm and kitchen by “insourcing” all the ingredients to make your wedding meal fresh and flavorful. We specialize in executing farm fresh, seasonal menus that are grown and raised with you in mind—from seed to plate.

Our business model is based on trust between the wedding couple and us, the farmers. From our gardens and pastures to your wedding tables, we promise to provide you with truly exceptional food and an honest and pleasurable business experience. 

"Farm to table isn't just a catch phrase around here. Our farm is fully integrated with our culinary vision in order to deliver elegant seasonal dishes made with 100% organic ingredients. If full-flavored, local food is important to you, look no further."

-- DILLON KLEPETAR, Owner, Farmer and Chef

Farmstead Catering with Taylor Rental Plattsburgh, NY


single origin food

Our food is not economy food, it's once in a lifetime food. Each menu is an honest reflection of the season, full of flavor, texture, and personality. We are able to provide you with nearly every ingredient from our 150 acres of diversified fields and forests. From the golden cultured butter and freshly-harvested salad greens to perfectly ripe vegetables and pasture-raised meats, our food is the truest expression of farm-to-table dining.

Genuine Service

We love working with our clients! They embrace the spirit and values of our farm and business, and we provide them with customized, detail-oriented service options. Equipped with years of experience, the Farmstead team has earned a reputation for smoothly-run, stress-free events. From rustic farmhouse family style menus to on location wood-fired pizzas, we design and execute food service that is tailored to our clients. Our staff have a hand in most every aspect of our seed-to-table menus and provide a food experience and connection unmatched by traditional caterers. 

Farmstead Catering -- Farm to Table Wedding Buffet

Event Planning

With years of experience in detailed planning and local knowledge, we provide consultation and coordination in everything from finding a venue to day of logistical planning.  Our on the ground support allows your vision to become a reality from afar.

Rentals Coordination

We provide complimentary coordination of the required rentals for your event to ensure impeccable service and presentation. From place settings to tents, we help advise and handle the rental delivery and returns from our trusted vendors.

Farmstead Catering -- Fresh Cut Wedding Flowers and Design


We harvest a vibrant blend of wild and cultivated flowers grown to your specification. Additional greenery can accentuate the natural beauty of your event like arching branches, fruit blossoms, and winding grapevines or hops. Our flower service extends from cut flowers by the bucket to table bouquets and fully decorated custom built arches that provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor ceremony. 

Bar Service

Our professional bartenders provide elegant and authentic service with options ranging from a beautifully maintained self-service bar to a full open bar. We source your beverages from local breweries and vineyards, and we create farm-crafted cocktails made from fruits, flowers, syrups, herbs, and garnishes grown in and around our gardens.

Farmstead Catering -- Fresh Wedding Salad Greens
Farmstead Catering -- Farm Fresh Catering for the Bride
Adirondack Meats Cheeses and Charcuterie. A site to behold in Lake Placid.
Farmstead Catering Adirondack Wedding Buffet
Farmstead Catering -- Experimental Farm Foraged Dinner
Farmstead Catering -- Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Our Staff

Our team and business ethic is community-based and centered on building beautiful, collaborative experiences for our clients.  We staff our events with the strapping young farmers, brainy entrepreneurs, and tactile artisans that have had a hand in making the Farmstead Catering story whole and continuous. 

Farmstead Catering -- Farm Staff Jori Wekin Hub On the Hill Red Legs Flowers Dubbs BBQ
Farmstead Catering -- Dillon Klepetar serves farm fresh wedding catering to happy guests

Dillon Klepetar

Owner, Farmer, and Event Planner
Dillon has been working towards delivering an authentic farm to table catering experience for over a decade. His interest in connecting people, place, land, nature and culture was born out of his upbringing in upstate New York. He leads the collaboration with an acute attention to detail, always seeking the ultimate local food experience for his clients.

As the owner of the company, Klepetar is responsible for marketing, contracts, logistics, permitting and client relations. His passion for executing events that exceed expectations has given Farmstead Catering a reputation as one of the premier event caterers across northern New York. 

When not behind a desk or in beast mode at the farm, Dillon can be found fly fishing, rollerskating or tinkering with old diesel engines.

Farmstead Catering -- Chef Taylor LaFleur brings out the incredible flavors of the local organic food grown on Echo Farm.

Taylor LaFleur

Chef and Farmer
With a degree in Horticulture, years of farming, and restaurant kitchen training around the world, Taylor brings creativity and finesse to our menus underlined by his time living and working in the northeast. His cooking reflects his background in growing, foraging, and preserving food in a way that seeks to highlight the unique terroir and food culture of a place.

Taylor has fun working with clients to highlight the personalities of the ingredients raised at Echo Farm but also the personalities of the clients themselves. As the head chef, Taylor consults with our wedding couples and manages kitchen operations. 

In addition to long walks on the beach in his native Cape Cod, Taylor takes pleasure in everything from crossword puzzles and electric guitar to curling and frisbee golf.

Farmstead Catering -- Kirsten Liebl creates farm to table Adirondack fresh catering possible with superior vegetables herbs and flowers from Echo Farm.

Kirsten Liebl

Garden Manager and Floral Designer
Kirsten's creative insights and no-nonsense work ethic manifests in vibrant annual and perennial vegetables, delectable fruits and berries and gorgeous aromatic blooms. Her acumen and positive attitude have a profoundly positive impact at Echo Farm. Her talents are also on display with decorative floral displays that stop wedding guests in their tracks.

In addition to experience at Reber Rock and Essex Farm, Kirsten holds a degree from Oberlin College in Ohio near where she was raised. When Kirsten is not in the fields she can be found working in the fiber arts—spinning wool from her very own sheep which are housed at the farm. 








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